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Construction and Demolition Waste: Bring it to the Pros at Tri-County!

Tri County accepts and recycles all solid non-hazardous construction and demolition materials from your work site, as well as household cleanouts. Our construction and demolition team (C&D) provide recycling services to contractors, trucking companies and homeowners. We can manage jobs of any size - small or large.

We have years of experience handling a wide variety of materials for contractors and developers, making construction and demolition disposal a snap so you can constantly move your project forward.

Construction and demolition materials that we commonly accept include treated and untreated wood, concrete, brick, asphalt, siding, flooring, sheetrock, mixed metals, roofing shingles, cabinets, windows, doors and old appliances.

Give us a call for all of your construction and demolition projects! Contact us today at 1-413-967-7046.